Digital Solutions

Social Media Solutions

We help our clients to get a comprehensive customer experience management, RCC enhances the integrated OMNI channel CX management Solutions For the Social Media Management technology, we give our clients the option to outsource their work with renowned technologies that give deep analysis their customers on social media conversations across multiple platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagarm, LinkedIn, etc. and extends to virtually all public data on open blogs, forums and micro websites, with the ability to flag the top influencers, trending topics, sentiment analysis and a lot more including deep profiling of online communities that exceeds the traditional demographic analysis.

OMNI Channel Solution

Omnichannel experiences unify inbound and outbound communication to deliver proactive, contextual interactions to your customers and an effortless experience. Create seamless, personalized engagements across all channels throughout the entire customer journey. Your customers, agents and reps can shift between channels without losing context. Your business can expertly design, launch and monitor even the most complex customer journeys using routing to automatically deliver interactions to the best available resource. It's all part of the RCC's approach to omnichannel customer engagement.

Video/Web Chat

Video/Web Chat is a simple way for customers to get information via your website/APP. Customers can typically connect to an agent in less than a minute, and can ask questions and get responses quickly, and without hassle. Chat can be placed throughout a website or just focused on specific pages that are crucial to the customer's journey. There can be huge advantages to allowing the person's face to be seen, especially if the industry has a low volume, high revenue business model such as a bank with VIP clients in which a high level of trust is needed.

Email/Web Form

Email is still an immensely popular channel. Our data shows that email is the second most used channel. Just because someone sends an email/web form does not mean that an email response is always the right one. We can support email responses via alternative channels as part of your Digital strategy.