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Located strategically between three continents Egypt has proven itself as a global Business Process / Call Center Outsourcing destination specifically for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, with world class competitive industry standards, offering a combination of operational expertise, skilled labor, cutting edge technology and competitive pricing. According to A.T. Kearney 2016 Global Services Locations, Egypt ranks 1st in MEA and 4th in the EMEA region on a global scale of outsourcing services destinations. Egypt provides unique advantages as an offshoring location for IT, Telecom and Business processes outsourcing with around 60,000 professionals working in the BPO sector. In line with the government’s initiative to reinforce IT and offshore services in Egypt, 49% of Egypt’s 24 million working pool works in service sectors.


  • Operational Cost Saving:
  • -   Operational cost and rental fees for contact centers in Egypt rank amongst the lowest in comparison to global peers such as India, and are the lowest in the Middle East
  • -   Tax cuts and export rebates for local outsourcing companies enables them to provide competitive rates for their clients
  • Demographic Characteristics
  • -   A population of 92 million enables Egypt to provide a substantially sizeable talent pool in EMEA
  • -   A sizeable university graduate pool distributed across 67 universities (private and public) reflects the level of skill available in the local market
  • -   Annual university graduates provide multilingual proficiency in 16 different languages
  • Proximity to Major Markets
  • -   Physical proximity defined by a strategic time zone, a strong competition driver in multiple markets, coupled with cultural compatibility enable Egypt to become a dominant player in the outsourcing market
  • -   Cultural and business assimilation in the Middle East are key value propositions of Egypt’s potential success in the regional market
  • -   Economic development in African countries provides an opportunity for growth in the near-shore outsourcing market of customer relationship management, and BPO at large
  • Infrastructure
  • -   Eighteen internet cables between Southeast Asia, India, the Middle East and Europe pass through Egypt
  • -   Access to state of the art facilities such as Smart Villages and Maadi Technology Park, part of the Cairo Contact Centers Park promotes the growth of local BPO players
  • -   Recent announcement by the Egyptian government to open several technology parks in Tier II cities in Egypt
  • Government Support
  • The Information and Communication Technology Outsourcing Agency actively supports the development of the information technology sector in Egypt via its custom-tailored programs that aim to support business development, language skills acquisition and technical training, enhance access to technology office parks, and attract foreign direct investment