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Poland has become one of primary outsourcing destinations in Europe, offering qualified specialists. Being a member of Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) and joining Schengen zone has made international trade easier benefiting companies. According to A.T. Kearney 2016 Global Services Locations, Poland ranks 1st in Europe on a global scale of outsourcing services destinations. In 2015 almost 70,000 students were studying nearly 70 different foreign languages all over the country which has created a multilingual environment in Poland. Raya’s newly established site in Poland is located the Millennium Plaza building at the heart of Warsaw’s City Center. The Poland site provides its Call Center & BPO services serving multiple markets within Europe including Central Europe, Eastern Europe, France, Iberia, Benelux, Russia & CIS & UK in many languages including German, English, French, Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Dutch, and Nordics while providing Call Center, Technical Support & Inside Sales services.

  • Improving Macro Economic Indicators
  • -   Poland is the 6th Largest Country in EU with a large labor force and a considerable consumer market
  • -   Solid economic performance denoted by high GDP growth, 3.9%, and a relatively low unemployment rate, 7.5% when compared to the EU average
  • -   Poland benefits from membership in international trade agreements and global bodies such as EU, NATO, OECD, WTO, IMF, and the Schengen zone
  • Abundant and Multilingual Supply
  • -   With a population of 38.5 million, Poland offers a highly skilled and multilingual talent pool that contributes to the success of the outsourcing industry
  • -   Poland has one of the highest number of university graduates among countries in Europe
  • -   More than 90% of students speak foreign languages with 36,000 foreign students
  • -   40 languages are spoken by service center employees with a considerable proportion of native speakers
  • Competitive Remuneration
  • -   Poland has one of the lowest labor cost in the European Union thereby rendering it an attractive location for foreign investments
  • -   Average hourly labor cost in 2016 was EUR8.6 whereas the average EU hourly labor cost was almost three times as much
  • Business Oriented Attitude
  • -   Continuous investment in infrastructure exemplified by the availability of modern and digital telecommunication infrastructure covering nearly 100% of the country
  • -   In 2016, Poland had 852 established service centers(1) with 193,500 employees denoting a significant growth in the industry over the past 3years
  • -   Currently, 11 major BPO-oriented cities have service centers with more cities becoming potential destinations for new centers
  • Government Support
  • -   Increased government support for Research and Development in addition to financial support renders Poland a global contender for outsourcing services
  • -   Upon implementation of the European Cohesion Policy, Poland will receive EUR 82.5 billion
  • -   The government offers a variety of investments at different stages of business operation in the form of cash grants and tax exemptions