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Dubai, UAE


Accordingly, Raya has selected Dubai to be its first delivery location in GCC to provide an onshore and near shore BPO service to the rest of the Gulf. Our Dubai site is located in the Arab Bank for Shared Services (ACSS) building in the Dubai Outsourcing Zone (DoZ), residing next to Dubai Academic City “The Middle East’s leading University Hub”. Dubai offers access to facilities, talent and infrastructure have become the key criteria an outsource destination, and Dubai’s cutting-edge infrastructure, business-friendly environment and excellent connectivity have set it apart as a sought after location within the MENA region, while being the main gateway to the GCC. Our Dubai site will be offering bilingual Arabic/English support with additional language offerings including Hindi, Malayalam & Tagalog. Main Processes to be outsourced would be Customer Care, Order Management, and L1 & L2 Technical Support & Inside Sales services.

  • Improving Macro Economic Indicators
  • -   UAE provides a gateway to the GCC markets
  • -   Robust economic growth is indicated by low unemployment rates and relatively high GDP growth
  • -   Being the second largest population in the GCC reflects a sizeable demand for consumer products and services markets in addition to a substantial highly skilled labor force
  • -   The government offers a variety of investments at different stages of business operation in the form of cash grants and tax exemptions
  • Growing BPO Market Size
  • -   UAE has become an economic hub and the preferred headquarters location for the largest BFSI, technology and telecom & media companies accounting for the biggest customers for BPO providers
  • -   The estimated BPO market size in 2016E should exceed US$ 500 mn, with an estimated CAGR of 13-17%, reflecting strong growth potential in the BPO market
  • -   The reduction in operational expenditure among service center providers attracted more clients through the conversion of in-captive contact centers
  • -   Increased investment in CRM activities is a key driver for growth and expansion
  • Abundant and Multilingual Talent Supply
  • -   o UAE has access to foreigners and international students thus providing potential BPO service providers with a young and multilingual talent poolx
  • -   o Increased specialization since 2010 renders the talent pool more competitive amongst the regional contenders
  • -   o National focus on job creation represents a strong driver for growth in the BPO market with its emphasis on training and development
  • Facilities and Infrastructure
  • -   UAE has advanced infrastructure with compliant law and regulations that promotes secured connections
  • -   Dubai Outsource City (DOC), launched in 2007, is an outstanding business park dedicated to supporting BPO, HRO, ITO, back office, and call center operations
  • -   DOC free zone benefits: state of the art facilities with robust telecom infrastructure,100% business ownership and tax-free income
  • -   DOC value added services: networking opportunities, venue management, industry awareness programs, and government service