Raya lands its 3rd Fast Food Middle East BPO Contract with a Global Fast Food giant

During H2 of 2017, Raya Contact Center announced its finalization of a 3 year contract with one of the leading Global Fast Food giants operating globally in over 119 countries.

This contract is the third operation to one of the group’s top strategic markets in the Middle East, that is based on COPC Benchmarks and a full fledge spectrum of CRM services to the client’s customers in Arabic and English languages. Raya is providing its strategic partner with Customer Service and Order Management services via voice and digital channels with more than 110 Advisors who will process nearly 280,000 transactions monthly for more than 5 million customers in the UAE.

This partnership is expected to improve the quality of the services provided to the partner’s customers, enhance their Customer Experience, maximize internal efficiencies; and allow the company to better serve its customers through supporting all Order Management queues for the hotline and Online Ordering segments. The 3-year contract awarded to Raya operates from Raya’s delivery facilities in the Maadi Contact Center Park and Dubai Outsource Zone.