Today’s world is witnessing a phenomenal shift from traditional channels like voice, to social and other digital channels like email, chat, web messaging & self-service portals. With the smart phones penetration increasing at exponential rates and customer awareness of social and digital channels is almost at peak time high, the future will be dominated by social, digital and self-service portals and it will all be more likely to take place from a mobile or tablet device rather than a desktop. The momentum of customer expectations is on the rise, today’s customers are becoming less tolerant to waiting, they want their information and services very quickly, with minimum customer effort, and they almost always expect to get served while they are on the move. Services that are enabled for (Mobility) can’t be over emphasized

Raya Contact Center has recently launched its new offering for Social Media Customer Service to its Clients. Our best practice allows our clients to reach their customers through all communications channels and integrates voice, digital & social into one platform that gives our clients 360 views of their customers, their interactions, and their state in the value chain along with countless examples of valuable insights. For the Social Media Management technology, we give our clients the option to work with renowned technologies that give deep analysis their customers on social media conversations across multiple platforms including Facebook & Twitter and extends to virtually all public data on open blogs, forums and micro websites, with the ability to flag the top influencers, trending topics, sentiment analysis and a lot more including deep profiling of online communities that exceeds the traditional demographic analysis. Raya Contact Center has always been on the frontier of meeting and exceeding the customer expectations. We empower our clients with state-of-the-art technologies, applications & best practices to serve their customers, gain valuable insights to boost revenue, optimize profitability, minimize customer churn and manage risks, with full understanding that risks that are related to social media are likely to have a snow balling effect more than the risks on other channels.