Customer Experience Transformation: an EMEA Service Provider Perspective - Interview with Ahmed Imam, CEO of Raya Contact Center

Outsourcing &More; 28 (3/2016)
Published on May 13, 2016

How does Raya use its customer experience management approach to deliver the ROI to its Clients (drive revenue and/or reduce cost)?

The industries that focus on customer experience have become very competitive and aim to provide the best service, especially the increasing awareness of social media, availability of competitors, consumer education and value-added services. Today’s consumers and enterprises are increasingly selecting their companies based on the quality of their customer experience, which has become a new point of differentiation for success.

In order to stay ahead in the market, regardless of the industry, this requires the delivery of integrated, uniform, unique customer experience across all customer touch points. First contact resolution and self-service remain important but not enough. Companies need to get business insights from the customer interactions and identify particular patterns of customer behavior in order to customizing products and service offering as per changing customer needs.

This is where Raya differentiates itself from most other Contact Center and Back Office service providers in the region. Raya's philosophy is to go beyond customer satisfaction and facilitate deeper customer – brand relationships by managing a series of interactions over multiple channels in a way that is unique to strengthen the brand image of our clients.

Raya's best practice methodology and approach supports our Clients and their Customer Experience Management objectives, thus driving the Average Customer Profitability and Customer Lifetime Value and not just the Transactional Revenue from each customer.

Typically, during the first step, Raya develops a shared understanding of the Clients’ business image, values, brand positioning, corporate culture, strategy as well as the Customer Experience Vision.

Raya then develops an understanding of all customer contact points along with specific customer experience attributes for each touch-point across the customer life-cycle through a mapping exercise. Our a customer-centric organizational structure, business processes as well workforce related processes are aligned to support the Customer Experience vision of the our Client.

Our operations are well supported through a robust continuous improvement approach using best practices in Lean, Innovation , 6-Sigma, Problem Solving, Data analytics as well as world class standards such as COPC and PCI. Raya provide tangible value to our clients by sharing improvements, insights, analytics and recommendations on improvement projects supported by illustrated savings and additional derived revenues.

What are the benefits Raya's clients typically enjoys from applying its CEM approach?

Typically, Raya builds a solid structured analysis process to investigate, communicate and deploy changes in processes in call handing and resolution. This helps in convincing senior management who has the power to implement change. Raya also provides dedicated resources for CEM that liaise with Our Client to ensure continuous engagement and alignment of people who own CE processes.

In any of our outsource relationships, we ensure that our Clients’ enjoy the following benefits:

Uniform customer experience with special focus on strengthening the brand image Differentiated value positioning for various customer groups Insights on customer experience based on chain of interactions Inputs for process changes and policy changes Continuous improvement in key metrics related to:

o Higher NPS & CSAT - Net promoter score
o Higher Retention rate
o Increase in revenues from existing customer base
o Volume reduction – calls, escalations

What are the key ingredients to bringing a truly customer-centric culture for the different industries you work with?

From Raya's own experience, building a truly customer-centric culture is an ongoing challenge with most companies in multiple industries such as Telecom, Consumer Electronics, E-Commerce, Travel, Retail, Fast Food, White Goods, and others, and several key elements need to put in place.

Some of them are:
· Design a Customer Experience vision and strategy in alignment with the values and long term strategy of their business.
· Continuous review of the existing business processes to ensure uniform Customer experience in light of changing customer needs.
· Create a communication plan and methodology for handling customer interactions which reflects the key values for the organization
· Look at customer life cycle value for each customer. This will ensure that we do not launch schemes that in the long run will harm the company image.
· Create a structure were all the key stakeholders and decision makers are in touch with the moment of truth experience of customers which is at the contact center, walk in centers etc.
Design organization structure and processes to communicate the customer experience, feedbacks and suggestions to key stakeholders within the organization.

Why did you choose Poland for your delivery location as part of your expansion strategy?

Our recent expansions, and namely our newly launched delivery site in Poland strengthens Raya’s position ahead of its competitors, and promises even more footprint expansions in the next few years in alignment with our strategy to become a Global Challenger in the BPO industry.

Expanding in Poland adds significant skill to our overall talent pool from all over the European continent, while being of close proximity to Europe. Our new Warsaw site enables Raya to offer additional European languages to expand our service offering and provide a full smart shoring solutions for our European client base who wish to expand our partnership based on near shore locations. This greatly helps in improving multiple satisfaction parameters including CSAT & NPS and of course, the overall customer experience. This location will be serving multiple markets within Europe including Central Europe, Eastern Europe, France, Iberia, Benelux, Russia & CIS & UK in many languages including German, English, French, Polish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Czech, Russian, Dutch, and Nordics. Main Processes to be outsourced are Customer Care, Order Management, and Tier 1 & Tier 2 Technical Support & Inside Sales services.