“Make Your Voice ECHO to Tomorrow”

Raya believes that the equation Employees + Communication + Hard Work = Output is the core of the Employee Engagement. Raya Holding had launched its first Employee Engagement Survey in August 2017; the main purpose of the survey is to measure how employees are engaged with their work. The survey also is a platform for the employees to voice out their opinions. Engaged employees are more motivated and fulfilled than non-engaged employees, engagement translates in more output and willingness to go the extra mile for the organization. By conducting this survey, Raya was able to identify the key aspects that need development to always ensure Raya positive culture of engaged workforce is at its highest level as we only accept to be the best. Not only have that, but to pinpoint strategies and quick won opportunities to increase the productivity inside Raya. With the participation of the employees, Raya had achieved 45% response across all Lines of Business thus making the sample valid. To encourage the employees to do the survey a roadshow was done to the different sites both inside Cairo and outside to spread awareness of the ECHO campaign. The plan is to start work on more employee engagement activities and initiatives over the course of the next year and to do another survey again in 2019 to see the progress.