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  • Year Founded 2001
  • Commercial Registration Number 139696
  • Fiscal Year 1 January : 31 December
  • Law of Governance Law 159 of 1981
  • Legal Form of Company Joint-Stock company
  • Auditor Name Ernst and Young| Ashraf Abdel Ghani Tax Consultants - ATC
  • Purpose of Company Providing Business Process Outsourcing services to offshore, nearshore, and onshore companies within the EMEA region. Services provided include Contact Center Services, Inside Sales, Back Office, and Professional Services.
  • Headquarters Raya Corporation Building, 26th of July Road, Touristic Zone, 12568, Cairo, Egypt
  • Subsidiaries The Call Center Company, Raya Contact Center Building Management, Raya Contact Center Gulf FZ-LLC, Raya Contact Center Europe Sp. z.o.o


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