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Raya’s Sustainability Report 2018

Promoting good business should be the endeavor of every corporation. This is especially true when operating in a developing country where there is always room to have a positive effect on the community. In that regard, Raya ensures that the business operates in a responsible, ethical and transparent manner. Committed to building business resiliency and sustainability, Raya has proudly published its second sustainability report. This report gives information about the economic, environmental, social, and governance performance of Raya group.

The importance of this report lays in communicating to the stakeholders, employees, business partners, investors and to public Raya’s commitment to a continuous improvement of its business practices. Raya’s sustainability report is set to follow the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards, commonly used as international standard for sustainability report.

Sustainability Report 2018


Raya Supports Social Development for its Community Engagement Initiatives

Through its corporate social responsibility initiatives, Raya Holding supports social development initiatives that have the potential to create a sustained and meaningful impact on improving the livelihoods and overall well-being of our community. For that matter, we carefully select and collaborate with local reputable organizations working in community development to address sustainability challenges such as education, poverty and environmental issues.

In our efforts to contribute these sustainability challenges, our CSR approach focus on promoting Youth Empowerment and Civic Engagement.


Raya’s Social Investment Initiatives

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