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Raya Contact Center is a world class Business Process Outsourcing Service Provider offering customer experience management, back office services, inside sales channel management, professional services and digital services. Raya Contact Center with its Call Center services caters to clients, including global fortune 100 companies in Europe, Middle East & Africa in 25 different languages. Raya Contact Center serves its clients from Ten contact center facilities across three continents from Egypt, Poland, and UAE.





With over 8500+ seats capacity and 6,500+ Advisors talent pool, Raya Contact Center provides top notch outsourcing and call center services by focusing on high growth industries; mainly Technology & Consumer Electronics, Media & Communication , Fast Food , Banking & Insurance , Automotive , White Goods , Retail , Health care , Travel & Hospitality , E-commerce , Government & Public Service , Real Estate...among others, in the Middle East, Africa and Europe. Our operations are well supported through a robust continuous improvement approach using best practices in Lean, Innovation, 6 Sigma, Problem Solving, Data analytics as well as world class standards such as COPC, GDPR, PCI and ISO certifications. Customer experience management provides tangible value to our clients from our delivery locations in Cairo, Hurghada,, Dubai and Warsaw by sharing improvements, insights, analytics and recommendations supported by illustrated savings and additional derived revenues.

Raya Contact Center, the leading outsourcing service provider in the Middle East and Europe, is a fully owned subsidiary of Raya Holding for Investments, a leading regional investment conglomerate with a diversified portfolio.In 1999, seven leading IT companies merged in order to create Raya Holding for Investments, the Middle East’s largest CIT Company with a vision to grow into a solid financial conglomerate with multifaceted operations. Raya Holding for Investments manages 11 subsidiaries and owns stakes in leading companies from various industries. Besides leading the information technology and consumer electronics market in Egypt, the Middle East and Africa since 1999, Raya Holding for Investments manages subsidiaries operating in contact center services in Egypt, UAE, and Poland, smart buildings development, data center outsourcing, land transport, PET recycling and social media development. Listed in the Egypt Stock Exchange (EGX) with a number of 11,000 employees, Raya Holding for Investments is committed to maximize its shareholders’ value and to expand its reach with branches in Saudi Arabia, the Gulf and Nigeria, catering to a customer base located on six continents.


Raya Contact Center is a full-fledged COPC ® 2000, ISO ® 9001:2000 and ISO ® 27001, certified single point for intelligent customer interactions. The standards implemented by these certifications have enabled us to optimize our processes and run world class operations that bring customer experience to a different level.

ISO 20071:2000 is the International Standard for Quality Management Systems. It provides us with a comprehensive set of principles that ensure a common sense approach to the management of our programs and to ensure consistently quality throughout the organization as a whole. Applying the ISO 20071 standards effectively help us reduce operating costs, thereby ensuring efficient costing for your organization, through continuous improvement of internal processes. It allows us to ensure effective communication across all levels of management and company stakeholder and ensure legal and operational compliance. Therefore, improving risk management for all our services

At Raya Contact Center, we have adopted the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) to provide our customers with a practical, straightforward structure for identifying, planning, delivering and supporting IT services to the business. We have implemented the baseline of the ITIL framework form which we measure and improve all our IT related activities and processes used by our organization to allow for seamless integration of all procedures. Adopting ITIL has offered Raya and its customers a wide range of benefits that includes delivery of an improved IT service, reduced costs and improved productivity, which in turn provides improved incident response.

Raya Contact Center is compliant and certified on the PCI standard in order to maximize security of cardholder data. This is to continuously monitor and enforce the use of controls specified in the PCI Data Security Standard. Raya uses ongoing development, enhancement, storage, dissemination and implementation of security standards for account data protection.

Raya Contact Center is certified with the latest COPC CSP Standard, which is a global performance management system designed to balance and improve the quality, accuracy, and efficiency of service to generate higher customer satisfaction and leverage profitability. Raya Contact Center has implemented COPC standards in 2006 and has successfully achieved the certification in 2007 and recertification annually ever since on the following versions till date (4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 4.4, 5.2 and 6.0 consecutively).




Raya Contact Center prides itself with its commitment to the highest global quality standards combined with a low risk solution. Our contact center operations are well supported through a robust continuous improvement approach using best practices in Innovation , Six-Sigma, problem solving, data analytics as well as world class standards such as COPC. Raya Contact Center provides tangible value to our clients by sharing improvements, insights, analytics and recommendations on improvement projects supported by illustrated savings and additional derived revenues.


Raya Contact Center provides the perfect combination of high quality and cost advantages due to operational efficiency and flexibility. We assure our clients of world class results through dedicated program management, support resources, and financial incentives that sustain higher performance levels; often exceeding global multinational clients’ standards relying on COPC ® global standards.


Within the context of client / service provider partnership, Raya Contact Center typically provide various additional BPO services  including back office support, outbound sales, collection, escalation management among many other processes to leverage its potential in our clients’ value chain. Additionally, and though most of our clients have well developed processes, Raya Contact Center has a solid long track record of developing new and innovative platforms and solutions to meet some of the most unique and complex requirements faced by our clients. Raya is committed to support our clients’ market strategy according to this approach.


We adopt our client’s culture within our operations. To support your customers, our Advisors will become part of our clients’ ecosystem. This is achieved through communication, site branding, visits to our clients’ offices, as well as our client’s on-site presence and organizational culture awareness.


We pride ourselves with our ability to foster long term partnerships with clients who consider Raya Contact Center an extended arm of their continuous business processes. Our transparent and flexible management team ensures seamless outsourcing services and continuous support through a lean flat management structure that enables Senior Management to be close to our clients while providing them with the optimum service and cater to customized and varied requirements.

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