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In today's industrialized manufacturing sector, it's crucial that both customers and end-users have a strong affinity to your products and brands. Yet many companies are challenged to deliver quality customer care because of the volume of information housed in the disparate systems required to support certain products. Whether through a live agent or Web self-service.

Raya Contact Center can deliver an outsourced customer care solution that will optimize the customer experience by providing effective, efficient interaction.

Raya Contact Center has an impressive track record of experience and technology to handle a variety of calls, including product inquiries, dealer locator services, lead management and acquisition services, product/service support, warranty management, and loyalty and retention services.

Comprehensive agent recruiting, hiring and training ensure that our advisors positively represent your products and services in order to improve your customers' brand loyalty and product use. We provide all information needed by agents to handle customer inquiries via an easily accessible knowledge base. Through an optimal combination of integrated Web, live agent, and IVR channels, SUPPLIER provides an exceptional customer experience based on your program needs with the best in class security to ensure your company is compliant with industry regulations.
As a final point, our company has the ability to leverage a large, geographically diverse labor pool with the knowledge base and systems that support the dissemination of information such as marketing promotions, product changes, and inventory notices.

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