Customer Experience Management

Customer Experience Management

Raya Contact Center provides a variety of certified voice Customer Experience services that enhance your day to day performance in the various business processes in your organization. RCC is your trusted outsourced partner in all your BPO and Customer Experience requirements.

Customer Experience Support

Part of our main Customer Experience Solutions to the Middle East, Africa and Europe offered from Cairo, Dubai, Hurghada, and Warsaw, allows you to maximize the lifetime value of each and every one of your customers by providing superior post sales service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Improving your customer loyalty will enable you to maintain your customers and save the costs of acquiring new customers. Customer excellence range from responding to your customers inquiries and solving their problems, up to maintaining a high customer satisfaction rates through personalized outsourced solutions.

Inbound Sales

Inbound sales helps you grow your customer base and thus increase your business success. Through this offering you will be able to target your intended customers with your applicable offering and turn them from prospects to loyal, regular, and profit-generating customers. Through our fully customized multimedia platform of voice, email, SMS and chat, we handle the entire customer acquisition process from measure the interest of your potential customers in your products & services up to turning potential customers into loyal customers.

Technical Support

Whether you are a mobile operator, internet service provider or consumer electronics manufacturer, technical support is an integral part of your daily customer management operations. Raya helps organizations leverage their customers’ satisfaction through its 24/7 technically certified professionals supported by solid global best practices that cover a wide array of products support including software, hardware, peripherals and networks diagnosing and repair.

Service Recovery Solutions

At Raya Contact Center, we understand that Customer excellence and the quick resolve of customer is an essential part of the customer relationship management. Customers expect to be able to reach customer experience and be able to reach someone who can help them with their complaint on a First Call Resolution basis. At RCC, we are able to provide customer centric service recovery and complaint management to ensure your brand loyalty and customer's repeat return. Our customer excellence representatives are diligent in ensuring that they can handle any sensitive situation and maintain their etiquette throughout their interactions with customers.

Debt Collection

At Raya Contact Center, we are able to provide Debt collection services through our agents, who are equipped with the skills to deal with customers sensitively regarding service recovery and outstanding debt collection. Our well-established approach for debt collections involves giving importance to both our client and the customer, so that the reputation our clients stay positive. Debt collection services are critical Telecommunication, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industries, among others. We are able to provide enhanced collection ratios, data entry, database validation, dispute management and greater revenue recovery percentages.

Inside Sales

Raya Contact Center outsourcing services involve the full transfer of responsibility and complete implementation of methodology for managing your business to business sales channels, while protecting your long-term investment.
Our inside sales solutions including Customer Segmentation, campaign Management, Lead Management and Account Management, with an impeccable service record with our clients serviced from Cairo, Dubai, Hurghada, and Warsaw, RCC acts as your partner for your success.

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